Pyramid is a team of experienced individuals in the field of marketing, organization, creative thinking and entertainment. We work together professionally. In our initial year, we kept ourselves busy to make the year outbound with important chievements.

We are aware of our society's needs and it is our experience that allows us to understand client requests even if they are expressed in "simple words". We use our vivid imagination, innovation and extraordinary execution to plan your dream event which covers all your requirements.

We literally turn imagination into reality!

Our Mission

Committed to translating a “simple request” to an outstanding idea and creating executions that bring a change for our clients.

Our Values

Creating Change

We ensure to have an impact on all our clients through meaningful projects. We
seek to plan events that standout as being unique and well-organized.

Innovating Creatively

Our out of the box approach allows for a different way of thinking and execution.
We are driven to turn creative thoughts into events.

Fun yet Effective Work Environment

The ability to manage stress in an effective manner is what makes us successful. Our key to growth is through providing a supportive and fun culture.


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions in support of our mission.
Our team

We have gathered a group of experienced and passionate people all from different fields under a new umbrella “Pyramid”.Offering the best to our clients with stunning ideas and innovative execution, our goal is to maintain effective communication and cooperation. Every member of the team takes responsibility for what they do best in a fun and professional environment.